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Netherlands Banks

Provider Branch Founded Ownership
Rabobank Rabobank 910 1972 Local
ABN AMRO ABN AMRO 3,000 1720 Local
GE Artesia Bank GE Artesia Bank 2 1863 Foreign
Triodos Bank Triodos Bank 1980 Local
ING ING 1991 Local

Netherlands Discussion Activity

    Q: Please let me know the interest rates in Netherlands for Student Loan, Personal Loan, Flexible Credit and Private Lomit Plus loans.

    Reply Bharathy from India
  • ABN AMRO - Loans - ABN AMRO 10 Year Home Loan
    Q: Do you provide mortgages outside of the Netherlands? I am seeking a mortgage for a purchase in Spain. I work in Geneva, Switzerland. Thank you.

    Reply Fabian from Douvaine, France
  • Rabobank - Loans - Rabobank 10 Year Home Loan
    Q: Hi, I am an expat residing in Netherlands and would like to buy a property in Rotterdam. Hence I would like to schedule an mortgage appointment with the Rabo bank. Look forward to your reply, thank you! Regards, Li

    Reply Li from Singapore, Singapore
  • ING - Savings - ING Savings Account
    Q: I am a student in Amsterdam and I want to understand what kind of an account can I open in order to save for a long period and get a reasonable interest rate?

    Reply Sanaika from Netherlands
  • Rabobank - Loans - Rabobank Personal Loan
    Q: Hi I am an expat and working in Netherlands since feb 2016 I am holding permanent contract with the Dutch company Vodafoneziggo. I would like to check if I can get personal loan

    Reply Ashok from Netherlands
  • Rabobank
    Q: My house is freehold,I would like to borrow $100k for a 10yr where upon I will sell the house. If fixing for the 10 yr period what happens in the case of a major currency fluctuation. Would penalties would apply if I paid out the loan earlier. Regards, Phillip Kirkham

    Reply Phillip Kirkham from Auckland, New Zealand
  • ING - Loans - ING Car Loan
    Q: How much time does it take to process the loan.

    Reply B MISHRA from Wassenaar, Netherlands
  • ING - Loans - ING 10 Year Home Loan
    Q: I wish to take advantage of the currently low mortgage rates. I'm paying 5% at the moment but I understand the rate is down to around 2.7%. If I change now, what penalty will I incur? And can you recommend an accountant/broker who could help me with this? I'm finding my bank to be very difficult to contact when it comes to mortgage advice.

    Reply Jeremy from Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Q: I would like to know what was the interest rate for a deposit of E500,000. between 2010 and 2016. Thank you

    Reply Nicol from Boucherville, Canada
  • Rabobank
    Q: On the 10 year home loan what are the fees and aprazale cost, if the home is at $400,000 and paid for and you want a lone of $150,000 and you don't owe anybody and own 8 condos worth $90,000 each and make $150,000 and rental income of $80,000 from rentals

    Reply Waymen from Blythe, United States