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Rabobank Bank AccountsRabobank is the large multinational banking and financial services group that is based in the Netherlands where it has a significant customer base. Its history in the Netherlands dates back to 1895. It has always been based on cooperative principles and today is still a coopera... read more

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  • Q: My house is freehold,I would like to borrow $100k for a 10yr where upon I will sell the house. If fixing for the 10 yr period what happens in the case of a major currency fluctuation. Would penalties would apply if I paid out the loan earlier. Regards, Phillip Kirkham

    Reply Phillip Kirkham from Auckland, New Zealand
  • Q: On the 10 year home loan what are the fees and aprazale cost, if the home is at $400,000 and paid for and you want a lone of $150,000 and you don't owe anybody and own 8 condos worth $90,000 each and make $150,000 and rental income of $80,000 from rentals

    Reply Waymen from Blythe, United States

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  • Rabobank 10 Year Home Loan - Loans
    Q: Hi, I am an expat residing in Netherlands and would like to buy a property in Rotterdam. Hence I would like to schedule an mortgage appointment with the Rabo bank. Look forward to your reply, thank you! Regards, Li

    Reply Li from Singapore, Singapore
  • Rabobank Personal Loan - Loans
    Q: Hi I am an expat and working in Netherlands since feb 2016 I am holding permanent contract with the Dutch company Vodafoneziggo. I would like to check if I can get personal loan

    Reply Ashok from Netherlands
  • Savings
    Q: Dag, I have approx. €25000 to invest for 2 or 3 years. I would prefer a fixed rate deposit account so there is no risk. What rates are you offering please and what procedure is there for me to open the bond account. Dankuwel

    Reply John from United Kingdom